Mondrian Project – 12 month update – First Patents filed

For those of you who have maintained an eye on the Wilson Benesch News Page over the last five years, you will be keenly aware of the companies diverse collaborations. In financial, visual, scientific and almost every other aspect of Wilson Benesch’s operations, you will see that it is aided and enhanced by experts in their respective field. Our established collaborations was one of the key factors in our successful application to Europe for further funding for the Mondrian Project.

Although it is rewarding to see more and more analogue products being assembled with carbon fibre add ons that endorse our original artwork of twenty years ago, we have avoided adding to the extensive list of analogue component designs. Moreover, we don’t intend to add to this list. What is being conceived is completely original in concept, execution and function. The need to create a new solution came into sharp focus when the company started manufacturing wide bandwidth loudspeaker systems. This is the point where the need for a super resolution source component became a critical concern. In many ways then, it is the Torus and the Trinity that prompted the company to realise a new Wilson Benesch answer.

With financial support in place, twelve months on we can report that we have overcome some significant technological challenges. There is still a lot of hard work to be done, but at this point we are highly confident that the final outcome of this ambitious project will clearly demonstrate the known potential of vinyl and the Wilson Benesch Wide Bandwidth loudspeaker systems. No, it will not have the world’s heaviest platter, nor will it be the world’s most expensive. It will however include work from a number of intellectuals from varied disciplines and will demonstrate once again that real progress is made through collaboration.

We look forward to publishing some of the patent applications and illustrating some of the results of this work during the autumn.