UK Bristol Sound & Vision Conservatory 2009

A big thank you to everyone who supported our 20th anniversary show this year. First of all Darren Smith of Clearer Audio who provided all the cables and was in attendance throughout, taking all those difficult questions about cables. Yamaha for source components and Projection Design for the considerable attention to detail afforded the fantastic projection system this year. Adrian and Robert for their reliable contributions. Thanks of course go to the organisers, Jerry and Tony for the best show in the U.K. by far. Finally, thanks to everyone who visited, provided feedback and made comments on blogs.

As you can see from the images we featured a blend of old and new at this years event. One of the very first Wilson Benesch turntables was used as principle source to play records from as far back as 1957 to present day, much to the appreciation of all who heard. The Nanotube One tonearm was used on the turntable. The A.C.T. C.60 made its debut in the Limited Edition version alongside one of the first A.C.T. One’s from 15 years ago.

Every year this event seems to go from strength to strength. We enjoyed the highest number of visitors to date this year. So we look forward to making the next event even better and planning has already started.

Audionet Electronics were of course deployed throughout and served in the usual purposeful and reliable way. On the main system the very latest Pre-power combination was fast and effortless. The Cinema relied upon one Seven channel amplifier.