UK – Hi Fi + Award for Torus Infrasonic Generator.

One of a very few, the Torus Infrasonic generator is selected for an award by the influential UK journal, Hi-Fi +.

“This directs the output from the elegant and surprisingly compact, cylindrical bass cabinet to such effect that the low-frequencies generated possess the transparency, texture, pitch security and timing that eludes all but the very, very best full-range loudspeakers. Its all down to speed and control, qualities the Torus seems to possess in abundence, so much so that the long search for audio’s holy Grail is finally over; here is the sub to integrate seamlessly with even the quickest and most transparent electrostatic loudspeakers. The Torus isn’t cheap but then quality rarely is and high-quality low-frequencies will always cost, whether they come from a separate box or not. But Wilson Benesch deliver better bass for your money than anybody else, making the Torus a genuine bargain.”
Quote taken from the award description

Review by Roy Gregory


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