Torus Infrasonic Generator

The Radical New Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator

The Torus incorporates fundamental rethinking on how bass should be generated.Wilson Benesch is out to change notions of what is acceptable in terms of accurate low frequency sound reproduction. The Torus is unquestionably different.

For the first time, world-class performance for music and home theatre is combined with huge power delivery, true subterranean frequencies and the capability of being upgraded in the future, all in a relatively small and elegant package!

Technology PreviewThe PB has an ultra-rigid Carbon Kevlar diaphragm, this weighs less than 100gms and is strong enough to support the weight of an adult. There is no dynamic drive unit in the conventional sense, the gold-plated structure at the centre is one of the two push-pull motors and as gold is the best of conductors, this is not just cosmetic.

The unique Push-Pull motor has multiple benefits. Being push-pull it eliminates 3rd order non-linearites making for higher precision. Control of the diaphragm is several orders-of-magnitude better than conventional single point drivers and the need for super stiff suspension to provide the return is eliminated, as the two motors naturally return the dynamic parts to zero.

One of the key benefits is a faster action and reaction of all the moving parts resulting in dramatic improvements in dynamics and low frequency reproduction. This completely unique solution, eliminates all the problems associated with conventional dynamic driver, MDF box subwoofers. At the heart of the design is a massive 10 kilo metal core, earthed to ground via a substantial steel base plate, all the forces and reactions take place in this over-engineered component.Unlike any other sub, the modular digital electronics driving the PB are housed in an elegant separate enclosure and are completely isolated from vibration. This not only enables choice of amplifier, but also provides an upgrade path.

Combined with its high precision amplifiers, the Torus delivers astonishing speed, accuracy and control, enabling it to easily blend with quicker, smaller drivers in the main loudspeakers (such as the Wilson Benesch ARC, ACT, and CURVE,) in a way that no conventional subwoofer can. Bass extension, without compromising musicality.

This significant leap forward in the field of low frequency sound reproduction, underlines Wilson Benesch’s continuing position at the forefront of innovation in sound.