WHAT Hi Fi – A.C.T. review is published today

WHAT Hi Fi - A.C.T. review is published today
It was eleven years ago that the original A.C.T. One, was released at the Frankfurt
High End Show. This was at a time when every floor standing loudspeaker was a box! Joachim Bose and Thomas Bockler of Alto Hi-fidelity helped make Wilson Benesch a major success in Germany. A success story that would unfold across the rest of the world with Japan being the next major market to follow. The scale of progress made by Wilson Benesch over these industrious years has been one of the great success stories of British Audio design. The original design remains unique in every detail and even today second hand values are testimony to the quality of the product and its value as a reliable investment. This design established Wilson Benesch throughout the world as a loudspeaker design company with prestigious awards and critical acclaim from every continent. In 2006 the latest A.C.T. was selected in the “Recommended Components” listing of Stereophile, USA.

So the story goes on. How many loudspeaker designs of 1996 remain so strong today?

The A.C.T. remains one of the most elegant loudspeaker designs available today. It is possible to see that the design has changed so very little in terms of its visual design aesthetic. We all recognise, that the most demanding test of any advanced design, is the test of time. So although the materials technology is even more advanced it remains just as small and precise as the original. A worthy, time served ambassador of the Wilson Benesch marque.

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Square One wins What Hi Fi group test

Square One wins What Hi Fi group test


Square One wins What Hi Fi group test
Its back to Square One for the competition.

Square One technology triumphs against leading rivals in the mid price loudspeaker group test in this months What Hi Fi Sound and Vision.

Endorsement from the largest and arguably most influential audio journal in the world. We are all delighted that the team at What Hi Fi understood what we were trying to do with the Square Ones design. It is the only speaker in the test that is designed to be placed close to the room boundary. For those seeking a more discrete solution to high definition sound, the Square Series provides the ideal solution, where speakers are expected to remain accurate when close to wall boundaries. The creative and unique approach to dealing with the waste energy from the rear of the driver is also explained.

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China Chimera Review by New Audiophile

Richcoln exclusve distributor for Wilson Benesch in China enjoys excellent review on Chimera by New Audiophile.


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What Hi Fi 5 Star Square One Review

What Hi Fi Square One Review is out!

Headline “Back to Square One? Yes please”
“Don’t buy any £1500 standmounts without listening to these first”
Quotes from the influential What Hi Fi 5 STAR review out now.

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Netherlands – Latest Review from Music Emotion.

Latest review from Music Emotion – Netherlands.
“Britannia rules the waves?”
See attached P.D.F. of the latest review of Wilson Benesch A.C.T. and Chimera in conjunction with Naim equipment courtesy of our distributor Audio Excellence. Naimlijn_ME3_07.pdf

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