Square Five

F L O O R   S T A N D I N G   L O U D S P E A K E R

The series flagship. The Square Five is a unique 2-way electrical, 4-way acoustical floor standing design, taking drive unit topology directly from the reference line flagship loudspeaker, the Cardinal.

Square Five
HAUTE FIDELITE - référence

The pinnacle of the Square Series II, a stunning full range, floor standing loudspeaker with a glittering technological compliment and mesmerising performance to match — class leading in every respect.


The Square Five is equipped with four Wilson Benesch Tactic Drive Units per pair, deployed in innovative topological arrangements to deliver dynamic, perfectly integrated sound from 34Hz - 24kHz.


The touchstone technologies that set the Square Five ahead of the competition, is the Troika System, and the Isobaric Drive. Both technologies were refined and developed under the Cardinal R&D project and directly trickle down to the Square Five.


The Troika System sees the tweeter placed centrally between two Tactic Drive Units; one is responsible for the lower and one for the upper range of midrange frequencies to create an ethereal, lifelike soundstage.


For the bass, Wilson Benesch has deployed the companies revered Isobaric Drive System to deliver ultimate sonic punch, dynamics and total control  through two Tactic Drive Units.


No stone has been left unturned in the search for the ultimate series flagship. With a 15kg solid aluminium foot with a tactile aerospace black finish, a low-profile laser cut steel grille and a range of bespoke natural wood veneers and high gloss finishes there is no other example of hand built British high-end audio like the Square Five.









"Its performance is so beautifully balanced, so unusually natural and expressive that even one listen should reveal its superiority. It really does deliver on the promise of trickle-down technology, standing head and shoulders above most of the competition."


HAUTE FIDELITE - référence
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1 x 25mm ( 1") Wilson Benesch specification soft dome tweeter

2 x 170mm ( 7") Wilson Benesch Tactic I mid-range drive units

2 x 170mm ( 7") Wilson Benesch Tactic I Isobaric drive units

Upper mid-range enclosure with Assisted Bass Radiator

Lower mid-range dual reflex ported enclosure

Isobaric dual reflex ported enclosure

Internally braced with carbon fibre ribs

Internally damped with critical mass damping pads.

2-way electric, 4-way acoustic, floor standing loudspeaker

Impedance: 6 Ω nominal / 4Ω minimal

Sensitivity: 87dB @ 1 metre on-axis, 2.83V input

Frequency response: 34Hz - 24kHz +/- 2dB on-axis

Crossover frequency: 500Hz / 5kHz

Minimum amplification power recommendation: 100W / channel

Height: 1115mm ( 43.9")

Width: 200mm ( 7.9")

Depth: 255mm ( 10")

Volume: 34.5L

Weight per channel: 47kg (103.6 lbs)

Bespoke cabinet options - see FINISHES above

Aerospace silk black foot

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Square Five
HAUTE FIDELITE - référence
HAUTE FIDELITE - référence

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Designed and built by Wilson Benesch 2016  |  All rights reserved