INTEK Officially Launch WB at Zagreb AV Show, Croatia

Wilson Benesch - Square Two - Square Series II - Loudspeaker - Vertex - Vector - INTEK Ltd. - Slovenia - Croatia - Carbon Fibre - British - High - End - Audio - Geometry SeriesFollowing last weeks announcement of INTEK Ltd. and Wilson Benesch’s official partnership, INTEK Ltd. have announced the first public demonstration of Wilson Benesch product at the forthcoming Zagreb AV Show later this month.

INTEK Ltd. will demonstrate the Square Two floor standing loudspeaker in a live presentation. In addition INTEK Ltd. will display the Square One stand mounted loudspeaker from the same series as its floor standing counterpart, the Square Series II. In addition, the Vertex and Vector from Wilson Benesch’s reference loudspeaker line, the Geometry Series, will be displayed.

Date: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th October // 11.00 – 8.00pm daily
Location: Zagreb AV Show, Hotel Sheraton Zagreb, Ulica Kneza Borne 2, 10000, Croatia

For further information about the show or to arrange a private demonstration of with ‘INTEK Ltd.’ please use the following links.

INTEK Croatia j.d.o.o.
Hi-Fi, Hi-End & Music Distribution
Tina Ujevća 75
48000 Koprovnica
Tel: +385 48 644 101

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Stereo @ Home Show, Reutlingen

Wilson Benesch - Endeavour - Loudspeaker - Square Five - Sound @ Home - Carbon Fibre - British - High - End - Audio - Geometry Series - Reference LineThis Friday and Saturday, German dealer Stereo @ Home will make an open house presentation of both the Endeavour and Square Five Loudspeakers at their premises in Reutlingen Germany.

Located 30-minutes South of Stuggart, Sound @ Home will present the Endeavour loudspeaker with the CH Precision, A1, C1, D1. Meanwhile in Room 2, the Square Five will be running with the Audiomat Integrated Tube Amplifier, along with the Viva Numerico CD Player.

Date: Friday 16th October 14.00 – 19.00
Saturday 17th October 10.00 – 16.00
Location: Sound @ Home, Upper Wässere 1 D 72764, Reutlingen, Germany

For further information about the show or to arrange a private demonstration of with ‘IBEX Audio Gmbh’ please use the following links.

Ibex Audio GmbH
Alfredshöhe 29
D-89522 Heidenheim
Tel: +49 7321 25490
Fax: +49 7321 25487

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Sintonie HIFI Show, Lanciano, Italy

Wilson Benesch - A.C.T. One Evolution - Loudspeaker - Sintonie HIFI Show - Carbon Fibre - British - High - End - Audio - Geometry Series - Reference LineMad For Music SAS headed by Dimitri Toniolo will return for the 18th annual Sintonie HIFI Show this year in beautiful Lanciano, Italy.

Following presentations in China, Japan and the Netherlands, the new A.C.T. One Evolution will be unveiled for the first time to the public in Italy. Given the huge success of the A.C.T. and the A.C.T. C60 loudspeakers before it, the new A.C.T. One Evolution is sure to form one of the major attractions at what has become perhaps Italy’s leading HIFI Show.

Mad For Music SAS will partner the A.C.T. One Evolution with the Metronome Calypso Transport, the C6 Tube DAC, the Thoeress F2A11 Integrated amplifier and Vovox Textura Fortis cables.

Date: Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th October 2015
Location: Lanciano, Chieti, Italy

For further information about the show or to arrange a private demonstration of the A.C.T. One Evolution with ‘Mad For Music SAS’ please use the following links.

Mad For Music SAS
Via Marco Ulpio Traiano 53
20149 Milano (MI)
Tel: +39 02 327 2080
Fax: +39 3481883216

Sintonie HIFI Show website

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Endeavour & R1 Event, Winchester HIFI

Wilson Benesch - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - Innovation - Geometry Series - Endeavour - R1 - HIFI - Rack
Wilson Benesch traditionally do an event each year as we approach Christmas. This year is no exception – it may well be a little early to bring in the festive spirit, but none the less we have lined up a very special event with UK Dealer Winchester HIFI who will be hosting company director’s Craig Milnes and Christina Milnes for an evening with the Endeavour loudspeaker and R1 HIFI Rack. The evening will provide those attending not only the opportunity to listen to a State-of-the-Art high end audio system, but will also provide a rare opportunity to learn about the innovation and technology in the designs and about the business from the directors themselves.

This is a ticketed event so please register via the link at the foot of the page.

The Endeavour Loudspeaker
Launched at the Munich High End in 2014, the Endeavour is a stand mount loudspeaker. But that loose description really does not quit fit with a product like the Endeavour. Physically, the Endeavour almost defies the description – it stands at 1.47-meters in height, with a physically imposing cabinet that weighs in at 100kg a channel. Superficially therefore the Endeavour defies convention, but below the high-tech exterior the Endeavour reveals an innovative, high-technology approach in its design. The Carbon-Nanotech Enclosure which houses the midrange Tactic II drive unit is a fine example of the ground up optimisation of the Endeavour. The enclosure allows the air volume of the Endeavour to be managed carefully, providing the maximum air volume possible for the powerful Tactic II Isobaric Drive System which is responsible for the bass register of the Endeavour. In doing so, this power hungry element has the air volume required to energise and drive the bass. For the Audiobeat review of the Endeavour, we made this short film to illustrate why we developed the Carbon-Nanotech Enclosure. Be sure to watch the other films outlining some of the benefits of using Carbon Fibre.

The R1 HIFI Rack
The R1 HIFI Rack was launched at this years Munich High End Show, although those with a key eye will have noted Wilson Benesch using a prototype of the R1 at the Bristol Sound and Vision last February. The R1 HIFI Rack is a modular solution designed to provide optimal conditions for the operation of cutting edge digital and analogue audio equipment.

The R1 has been engineered to fulfil the following design criteria:
- provide stable and robust positioning
- transmit energy away from highly sensitive components and subsequently absorb this energy in the rack structure. Eg. CD lasers, analogue cartridges and internal electronic circuitry
- to isolate components from energy generated by loudspeakers in the listening space
- to isolate each component within the R1 Rack that has been generated by the components themselves. Eg. transformer hum.

The R1 is a no holds barred, highly engineered solution. It features two vertically aligned Polyoxymethylene (POM) uprights, which hold captive two Carbon Fibre Isobars and in turn an Elemental Birch Plywood Shelf. Looking internally, innovative design solutions can be observed. The Carbon Fibre Isobars have 14mm threaded steel bars that run the length of the tube, tied at each end by precision machined cups. By tying the Carbon Fibre bars in this manner, the tube is compressed under many tonnes of pressure, damping the whole tube. Further design details can be observed where each shelf kinematically couples to the next and within the foot design where the kinematic cups used in the Endeavour and Cardinal designs have been used.

For additional information please download the brochure here.
Wilson Benesch - Carbon Fibre - Innovation - Isobar - R1 - HIFI - Rack

So please join us for what promises to be a fantastic and very exciting event. Andy and the team at Winchester HIFI will be on hand on the evening to answer questions about the whole Wilson Benesch line.

Exhibition: An Evening With Wilson Benesch
Venue: Winchester HIFI
Tickets: Guests wishing to attend are requested to register here.
Date: Thursday 22nd October 2015
Location: Winchester HiFi – The Old Georgian, 29 Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8RY GB
(Winchester HIFI will have an open day with the system on Friday and Saturday for those not able to attend the main event.)

Please select the image below to view a collection of images of the Endeavour loudspeaker and R1 HIFI Rack from the Munich High End in May 2015.
Wilson Benesch Endeavour, Torus and R1 HIFI Rack with TechDAS Airforce Two, CH Precision P1 and Trinnov Amethyst

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Nationaal Hifi Event, Netherlands

Wilson Benesch - Vertex - Loudspeaker - carbon fibre - British - High - End - Audio
The first ‘Nationaal Hifi & Multimedia Event’ will take place on the 10th and 11th of October 2015 in the WTC of Leeuwarden (Netherlands). The conference rooms will be converted to listening rooms where a fine selection of high-end hifi distributors – among which Audio Ingang – will present two systems, including the Wilson Benesch Vertex stand mounted loudspeaker. In total more than 100 brands will be present.

Audio Ingang will present two systems:
• Lindemann musicbook:25 streamer/CD/preamp – Manger s1 loudspeakers
• Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center streamer/CD/preamp + 2x m100 amplifiers – Wilson Benesch Vertex loudspeakers

In addition to the listening tests and demonstrations, there will be a number of seminars from the industries leading professionals, including several guest speakers. In addition to all this, a record fair will provide opportunity to purchase vinyl.

The entrance fee is only € 5,00, which includes a free drink. For more information, please visit

Exhibition: Nationaal Hifi & Multimedia Event
Venue: WTC Hotel Leeuwarden
Date: 10th October from 10.00 – 18.00
11th October from 10.00 – 17.00
Location: Heliconweg 52, 8914 AT Leeuwarden, Parking on B2 & B3

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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