A.C.T. One Evolution to appear @ X-Fi Audioshow 2015

Audio Ingang present Wilson Benesch at the X-Fi Audioshow 2015UPDATE!!!
The first A.C.T. One Evolution loudspeakers shipped last month. The new luxurious floorstanding loudspeaker from Wilson Benesch is now set to appear at HIFI Shows across Europe and Asia as the new season rolls in. This month the A.C.T. One Evolution will appear in the Netherlands, as Dutch import partners Audio Ingang present the A.C.T. One Evolution with CH Precision at the largest and most important High-End audio show in Benelux on the 26th – 27th September 2015. Held in a beautiful and authentic abbey ‘De Koningshof’, the show will host more than 60 distributors and 300 brands, making it an event suited to all music lovers.

Audio Ingang (Wilson Benesch distributor for the Benelux) will be presenting the A.C.T. One Evolution with the CH Precision C1 Controller and 2 x A1 Power Amplifiers in rooms 11, 12 and 13. To see exactly where you can find Wilson Benesch, please see the map of the exhibition below.

Early feedback from partners around the globe indicates the A.C.T. One Evolution will be a great success for the company. Garmt van de Zel of Audio Ingang commented:

We were struck by the stunning looks and sheer elegance of the new A.C.T. One Evolution and found the sound to be exceedingly transparent – a hallmark of the complete Geometry series. The dynamics, speed and detail retrieval are class-leading.

For more information about the X-Fi, please see the official website: http://x-fi-audioshow.nl/

Wilson Benesch - A.C.T. One Evolution - Geometry Series - Netherlands - Exhibition - Carbon Fibre - Loudspeakers - British - Manufacturing - Engineering - 2015

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Cardinal in CE Messen 2015, Montreux

Audio Ingang present Wilson Benesch at the X-Fi Audioshow 2015

At the CE Messen Expo in Montreux on the 20-21st September 2015, CH Precision will make the first public exhibition of Wilson Benesch in partnership with the highly rated range of components designed by the Swiss outfit. Set amongst the Swiss Alps and perched on the banks of Lake Geneva, the Montreux Expo is a stunning location and meeting ground for consumer electronics brands and discerning clients from around the world. The Montreux Music & Convention Centre on the East side of Lake Geneva is a little over an hour from the international hub that is Geneva, known globally as a centre for banking and luxury retail.

CH Precision will setup the Cardinal and the Square Five loudspeakers with a full compliment of CH components to include the A1, C1 and D1 and other components.
CH Precision will demonstrate the P1 Phono Stage in Hong Kong High End Show 2015

Learn more about the Cardinal Loudspeaker on our product page.
Learn more about the Square Five Loudspeaker on our product page.

Date: Sunday 20th September – Monday 21st September 2015
Location: Montreux, Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Montreux Music & Convention Centre
For more information about the CE Messen 2015 see the website: CE Messen 2015

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal - Torus - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - Geometry Series - Hong Kong High End Show - 2015

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Hong Kong High End Show 2015

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal Loudspeaker - Geometry Series - Forthwise Ltd. - ChinaWilson Benesch return to Asia again this August for 2015 edition of the Hong Kong High End Show. Our partners Forthwise Ltd. will be demonstrating the Cardinal loudspeakers with the all new TechDAS Air Force 3 and CH Precision, who will bring the new P1 Phono stage, which is shown below at the Munich High End this summer.
CH Precision will demonstrate the P1 Phono Stage in Hong Kong High End Show 2015
The Cardinal loudspeaker has been a huge success in Hong Kong and China, where it won the ‘Prestige Award’ in Super AV Magazine at the turn of 2013.

Details of the exact system setup, along with room information has not yet emerged, but we will update the blog next week.

Learn more about the Cardinal Loudspeaker on our product page.

Date: Friday 7th August – Sunday 9th August 2015
Location: Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal - Torus - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - Geometry Series - Hong Kong High End Show - 2015

For further information please contact Forthwise Ltd.

Forthwise Ltd
6 / F, 1 Duddell Street
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2868 9993
Fax: +852 2525 2380
e: forthwise@netvigator.com
w: www.forthwise.com

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon

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Report: Munich High End 2015

The Endeavour & Torus at the Munich High End 2015This years Munich High End firmly put the debate to rest, with huge numbers of enthusiastic customers arriving at the MOC Convention Centre from all over the world, it is clear that this is now the finest High End Audio exhibition the world over.

Wilson Benesch gave the finest account of the company’s position and the quality of its products with a stunning demonstration that put the Endeavour loudspeaker, two Torus Infrasonic Generators and the all new R1 HIFI Rack at the heart of a system that included market leading products from TechDAS, CH Precision and Trinnov. Jeff Fritz of SoundStage Ultra commented in his article following the Munich High End entitled ‘Sampling High End 2015′s Best Loudspeakers’:

The Endeavours, for their parts, sounded dimensional and lithe, providing just the right amount of weight when that was part of the music. Their imaging was precise, and the entire system had an eminently listenable quality that many systems at High End didn’t — not relaxed, just not fatiguing… My takeaway: WB’s Geometry Endeavour is a speaker I want to hear more from. It was the most ambitious stand-mount at High End 2015.

Jeff Fritz, SoundStage Ultra, Sampling High End 2015′s Best Loudspeakers

The Wilson Benesch R1 HIFI Rack at the Munich High End 2015

Jeff’s inclusion of the Endeavour – Torus combination in the Top 7 Loudspeaker at the Munich High End, means we perhaps need not say more. However that would only be half the story as Wilson Benesch also launched the new R1 HIFI Rack at the show. The R1 with its stunning carbon fibre Isobars and Polyoxymethylene stands provided optimal conditions, in which the ultra high end audio components residing upon them could operate. Draining the system of structural born resonance from each component, but also isolating the components from the energy produced by the loudspeakers and the infrasonic generator. It’s the finishing touch to an awe inspiring system.

The Wilson Benesch R1 HIFI Rack with CH Precision P1 Phono Stage at the Munich High End 2015

Wilson Benesch would like to thank each of our partners at the Munich High End. CH Precision provided the amplification, power conditioning, CD/ SACD Player Transport and the stunning new P1 Phono Stage. Partnered directly with the new P1 was the TechDAS Airforce Two Turntable – unquestionably the market leader at the present time, the TechDAS is one of those products which are a pure joy to work with over the course of an exhibition. The tactile nature of the product and the immense sound that it reproduces is truly a special thing. And finally we must extend our gratitude and to Trinnov Audio who provided the Amethyst media renderer and room optimisation. Placing ultra high performance audio components into a room with no acoustic design considerations and then trying to present the product faithfully and professionally to an audience is the biggest challenge of any exhibition. It is akin to putting a McLaren P1 on a road test in standing traffic. This year Trinnov Audio measured the room with a microphone and used the highly advanced 3D room optimisation software built into the Amethyst to extract maximum performance from the system and the room to great effect.

Thank you to each of you who attended the Munich High End – we look forward to seeing you all again next time around!

We hope that you enjoy the slideshow of images from the exhibition below:

Wilson Benesch Endeavour, Torus and R1 HIFI Rack with TechDAS Airforce Two, CH Precision P1 and Trinnov Amethyst

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R1 European Launch.

Wilson Benesch revisits High Performance Furniture.

The Triptych (1993) the world’s first carbon fibre turntable support and the Asside (1998) the worlds first carbon fibre equipment support, furniture that enabled the benefits of carbon fibre to be extended to audio furniture. (See the Timeline) Two decades later and after many years of careful consideration a new interpretation will be launched at this years Munich Show. The R1 is the result of decades of on going scientific research including recent work undertaken at Sheffield Hallams Metrology Department where laser analysis enabled a number of assumptions to be validated.

Key Features:
A precision machined, advanced carbon fibre composite audio equipment rack providing optimal operational conditions for digital and analogue audio components.
Intrinsically self damping Polyoxymethylene vertical columns. Precision machined finish delivers exacting tolerances.
The Carbon Fibre Isobar – an anisotropic super structure that incorporates a high tension internal compression bolt that exerts 14 tons per square inch of axial pressure on the carbon.
The shelf to carbon interface is machined to provide optimal loading of the carbon fibre via off axis pinch point loading at 120 degrees.
The management and control of structural borne vibration is critical in any audio structure. The R1 provides an elegant solution to a number of key concerns through clever engineering that is deceptively simple. The success of this design enables the R1 to be delivered fully assembled in tiers. Once the base tier is accurately referenced to the floor assembly takes a matter of minutes. Each tier is kinematically coupled by four precision ball bearings that are energy transfer nodes. Each of the four ball and sockets incorporate a low profile circumferential ring of visco elastic material that ensures the exact same mass loading at each Node.
The Base Tier provides four, fully adjustable precision machined floor cups that were developed for the Cardinal. Each ball in each of these junctions sees 100 of tons of pressure at the interface ensuring optimal energy transfer to ground.
The R1 is shipped fully assembled as single base and standard levels. the R1 is a modular design allowing any number of additional levels to be added according to the requirements of the system.

The R1 HIFI Rack will launch at the Munich High End 2015 in Atrium 4.2, Room F.203.

For any questions please contact PR and Media Manager Luke Milnes.
For press enquiries during the Munich High End please email, media@wilson-benesch.com.

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