Wilson Benesch  directors, Craig & Christina Milnes

Music is an art form. From sound to silence; a simple, single instrument, to a full orchestra, music is capable of transforming, uplifting and emotionally stirring us like perhaps no other art form. Music is a global language; it transcends age, ethnicity, culture and class. Music has been central to our culture since the dawn of man, spanning our evolution, it is capable of joining us to our ancestors, describing human development, documenting our progress and reflecting perhaps most faithfully the human condition according to time. In every sense it is a collaborative document of humanity that can be transformed, sampled, improvised and referenced according to the generation of the time.

Our mission is to enable access to this art form; revealing every detail, nuance and timbre of the recorded artist through the world’s ultimate, reference audio products. Through an iterative process of design, underpinned by highly ambitious research and development programs, Wilson Benesch puts you closer to the artist than ever before.