Wilson Benesch will demonstrate the new CH Precision I1 integrated amplifier for the first time in the U.K. at 'Sound & Vision' The Bristol Show

Wilson Benesch are delighted to announce the addition of CH Precision’s I1 integrated amplifier to our ‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show exhibit. The new I1 integrated amplifier will power the Discovery II loudspeakers.

I1 Integrated Amplifier

The new I1 distills ground breaking technology taken from CH Precisions multi-award winning A1 power amplifier, C1 DAC, L1 line pre amplifier and P1 phono stage to create an integrated amplifier of impeccable quality.

Housed in CH Precisions distinctive, highly refined and subtle enclosure, the I1 offers all of the modularity and future proof “card-cage” options as the other products in the 1-Series. Allowing the owner to select which inputs are required. With an array of options, ranging from digital, analogue, phono, USB and ethernet streaming inputs available, the I1 is a bespoke, highly customisable product.

At the heart of the I1 is a 1000VA power transformer, a powerhouse providing the amplifier output stages with ample energy to drive and control any loudspeaker.

Bass was deep, tuneful, and textured with drum skins possessing a real wood-on-paper quality to every strike, and real spatial articulation, and shimmer to high hat, and cymbals. Strings retained an air of plucked delicacy, but had real body weight to each note… The I1 seems poised to take a place of honour in CH’s sonic stable which is already full of thoroughbreds, and offers a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in seriously musical, transparent, and powerful equipment with nothing but future-proof connection options.

AXPONA 2017 Report, Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile

Preliminary CH Precision I1 Brochure:

Full System Setup Details
System ONE,
Resolution Floor Standing Loudspeaker
CH Precision A1 Power Amplifier Mono Mode
CH Precision A1 Power Amplifier Mono Mode
CH Precision L1 Line Pre Amplifier
CH Precision C1 DAC
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Speaker Cables
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Interconnects
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Power Cables

System TWO,
Discovery II P1 Stand Mounted Loudspeaker
CH Precision I1 Integrated Amplifier
Clearer Audio Silver Line Speaker Cables
Clearer Audio Silver Line Power Cables

Shared Components
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable
Wilson Benesch Nanotube One Tonearm
Melco N1Z Audiophile SSD Digital Music Library

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‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show 2018, Bristol, UK
Date: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th February 2018
Location: Marriott City Centre Hotel, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD, UK

For more information please see the ‘Sound & Vision’ Bristol Show website.

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