Wilson Benesch will demonstrate its Resolution floor standing loudspeaker for the first time in the U.K. at 'Sound & Vision' The Bristol Show

2018 has arrived, bringing the UK’s leading HiFi Show ever closer. Read on to find out what Wilson Benesch have planned for the 31st Edition of ‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show.

Resolution Loudspeaker

The new Resolution loudspeaker will finally make its U.K. Exhibition debut next month. Having launched in Munich last summer, the Resolution appeared at the Los Angeles Audio Show (LAAS) just weeks later collecting the ‘Best In Show’ award, before going on to exhibits around the world including Hong Kong, Tokyo and the Warsaw AV Show.

… Resolution, a seven-driver three-way (four clamshell-mounted Tactic II woofers, two Tactic II midranges, and a single silk-dome/carbon-fiber tweeter in a monocoque carbon-fiber-composite cabinet)… the sound was stat-like in its clarity and absence of enclosure coloration… beautiful in color, with superior pace and definition in the low end. Wilson Benesch makes swell loudspeakers.

Munich HIGH END Report, Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound Magazine, June 2017

The Resolution is a formidable prospect. Hear it for yourself at ‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show.

More information: http://wilson-benesch.com/resolution-floor-standing-loudspeaker/

Discovery II Loudspeaker

The Discovery II loudspeaker wowed crowds at last years ‘Sound & Vision’. As a standmount loudspeaker design, it sits perfectly alongside a floorstanding design as it did with the A.C.T. One Evolution in 2017. So Wilson Benesch will return with the Discovery II finished in a ‘P1’ Coloured Carbon Fibre finish for this years demonstration.

Its unique purity (one again the cabinet!), its way to paint fine details without ever drifting off into clinical analysis, its credible room imaging command our due respect, but what really matters: the Discovery II makes me forget so effortlessly that I’m listening to two speakers… the second Discovery is yet again a milestone.

Discovery II Loudspeaker Review, Wilfried Kress, Hifi & Records Magazine, 2017

Featuring the powerful Isobaric Drive System, a dedicated Tactic II Midrange Drive Unit and the Semisphere Tweeter, the Discovery II never fails to hold an audience.

More information: http://wilson-benesch.com/discovery-ii-stand-mounted-loudspeaker/

CH Precision Electronics

“Where Swiss Precision meets Exquisite Refinement” reads CH Precision’s company strap line. The clean and elegant design of the CH hides some of the most sophisticated high end electronics design currently available in the industry. The roll call of honours and awards bestowed upon this relatively young Swiss company is the finest endorsement of this technology and its success in creating something exceptional within high end audio.

This year Wilson Benesch will partner the stunning L1 line level preamplifier with the C1 DAC, with a dedicated A1 Power Amplifier driving the Resolution and the Discovery II respectively.

Melco – Audiophile Engineering

In 2017, Wilson Benesch added another World class component to its demonstration and in 2018, the Melco N1Z returns. The Melco N1Z flagship SSD Music Library gives digital music lovers the benefits of the first storage system optimised for high resolution audio. Designed from the outset as an Audiophile component it is bristling with Audiophile credentials – even the basic design architecture is unique to the application of High Resolution Digital Music playback. Incorporating the unique Melco Direct Streaming Music format, all systems using network players benefit from improved sound quality and a better user experience, free from IT-industry peripherals.

Clearer Audio Cables

For more than a decade now, Clearer Audio and Wilson Benesch have partnered to great effect – two British companies coming together for a celebration of high end audio at the country’s premier Hi-Fi Show. Once again, Clearer Audio will provide the vital link between each world class component in the chain, using its industry leading Silver-line Optimus Reference interconnects, speaker cables, power cables and power distribution HUBs.

The Silver-line Optimus Reference 75 Digital Interconnect was recently awarded ‘Digital Cable of the Year’ from Hi-Fi+ magazine.

Clearer Audio cables offer unrivalled world class performance, which are meticulously hand-built in-house. Company Director, Darren Smith will be on hand during the show and would be delighted to answer any cable questions or queries that visitors might have and offer advice in areas of cable selection, upgrades and system optimisation to name a few.

Geometry Series Discovery II Loudspeaker finished in P1 Coloured Carbon Fibre will be on live demonstation at the forthcoming 'Sound & Vision' Bristol Show 2018

The Clearer Audio Cables Silver-Line Optimus Reference 75 Digital Interconnect will be demonstrated live at this years 'Sound & Vision' The Bristol Show 2018

Full System Setup Details
System ONE,
Resolution Floor Standing Loudspeaker
CH Precision A1 Power Amplifier
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Speaker Cables
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Interconnects
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Power Cables

System TWO,
Discovery II P1 Stand Mounted Loudspeaker
CH Precision A1 Power Amplifier
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Speaker Cables
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Interconnects
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Power Cables

Shared Components
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable
Wilson Benesch Nanotube One Tonearm
CH Precision C1 DAC
CH Precision L1 Line Level Preamplifier
Melco N1Z Audiophile SSD Digital Music Library

As normal, you can stay up to date with all Wilson Benesch news, product developments and event information via our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Or for more images of Wilson Benesch products in production, see our Instagram feed.

‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show 2018, Bristol, UK
Date: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th February 2018
Location: Marriott City Centre Hotel, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD, UK

For more information please see the ‘Sound & Vision’ Bristol Show website.

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