Geometry Series Cardinal Loudspeaker with Torus at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017

Official USA import partners Aaudio Imports will make what will be the first full US live exhibit of Wilson Benesch’s reference loudspeaker, Cardinal, at the forthcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this October.

Set in the newly restored Denver Marriott Tech Centre, Aaudio Imports will present the Cardinal the Larkspur Suite – one of the largest rooms in the centre which is also easily accessed given its ground floor location right by the Aspen Amphitheatre where the shows seminars will take place.

Our top of the line, reference, Cardinal loudspeakers will form the front end of an impressive system that includes, the Torus Infrasonic Generator and Ypsilon’s new reference ‘Hyperion’ Mono amplifiers. Wilson Benesch’s, Luke Milnes, will be joining Aaudio Imports for the duration of the show.

Full System Information:
Wilson Benesch Cardinal Loudspeaker, Burr Walnut finish
Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator + Torus Amplifier
Wilson Benesch R1 Carbon HiFi Rack
Wilson Benesch R1 Large Mono HiFi Racks

Ypsilon Hyperion Mono Amplifiers
Ypsilon PST-100 MKII Valve Preamplifier
Ypsilon VPS 100 Valve Phono Stage
Ypsilon MC26L Step Up Transformer
Thales TTT Compact-II Turntable
Thales Statement Tonearm
Ikeda KAI MC Cartridge
Stage III Reference Cabling, speaker, power and interconnects throughout

Wilson Benesch, along with Aaudio Imports would like to make a very warm welcome to visit us in the Larkspur Suite.

Date: Friday 6th October – Sunday 8th October 2017
Room: Larkspur Suite
Location: Denver Marriott Tech Center, South Syracuse Street, Denver, CO, United States

Here you can read more about the exhibition:

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Geometry Series Cardinal Loudspeaker with Torus at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017