Wilson Benesch - Resolution - Munich High End - Coloured Carbon Fibre - 2017

The launch of a new reference class loudspeaker, in two exhibition rooms, with R1 HIFI Racks supporting some of the world’s finest high end electronics ever manufactured – this years Munich HIGH END was always going to be something quite special. And it did not fail to disappoint. From the moment the Resolutions finally roared to life on Tuesday evening, through to the final demonstration on Sunday afternoon, the Wilson Benesch team, along with its partners IBEX Audio, CH Precision, Ypsilon and Way Cables, have enjoyed a true vintage year in Bavaria.

Wilson Benesch - Resolution -
 Coloured Carbon Fibre - P1 - Silverstone Silver

Wilson Benesch - Carbon Fibre - Loudspeaker - Plinths

In our main exhibition room, we partnered with German importers IBEX Audio and a series of ‘house brands’ in the shape of CH Precision, Way Cables and Transfiguration. The Resolution lined up in a stunning P1 ‘Silverstone’ Coloured Carbon Fibre finish with high gloss black cheeks. In addition, the new Wilson Benesch carbon fibre loudspeaker plinths, that are due to become available worldwide later this summer, finished the loudspeaker setup with perfection, allowing millimetre perfect adjustments of the kinematic cups into which the Resolution terminated.

Wilson Benesch - R1 HIFI Rack - Carbon Fibre Shelf

In a setup that is now familiar to many, but absolutely exceptional in every regard, Wilson Benesch partnered the Resolution with the CH Precision electronics. The Resolutions were driven by two A1 Power Amplifiers, with both digital and analogue sources available, via the C1 DAC and the P1 Phono Pre Amplifier that was partnered to the Wilson Benesch Circle 25. All system cabling was provided again this year by Way Cables, which included the Serbian companies new interconnects. Finishing off the system was Wilson Benesch’s R1 HIFI Rack, with the addition of the new R1 Carbon Shelf. The new shelf is a multipart construction, finished with a carbon fibre surface. The new R1 Carbon shelf structure advances the R1 HIFI Rack even further and provides the ultimate solution for installation and operation of reference quality electronics.

Wilson Benesch - Resolution - Munich High End - Ypsilon - Hyperion - Monoblock - Amplifier - VPS-100 Phono Stage - 2017

In room 2, Wilson Benesch appeared courtesy of electronics design and manufacturers, Ypsilon. The Greek company has been making some very highly regarded hybrid design push pull amplifiers and what Michael Fremer regarded, until the recent CH Precision P1 review, as the single best phono preamplifier (VPS-100) in the world – the P1 now joins Fremer’s very select shortlist. Ypsilon did not pull any punches at this years Munich HIGH END, partnering their top of the line reference Hyperion Monoblock amplifiers with the Resolution in a stunning setup.

Ypsilon - Hyperion - Monoblock - Power Amplifier - Wilson Benesch - Resolution - Loudspeaker

Ypsilon - CDT-100 - CD Player - Wilson Benesch - R1 - HIFI Rack - Carbon Fibre

Once again, the Wilson Benesch R1 HIFI Rack was used as reference HIFI rack system. The R1 HIFI Rack was installed with Ypsilons, VPS-100 Phono Pre Amplifier, PST-100 Pre Amplifier, DAC-100 Digital to Analogue Converter and the CDT-100 CD Player. In addition, Ypsilon used a Doherman Turntable for the analogue source.

A fantastic year in Munich. We would like to thank all our partners at this years event and of course a special thanks to all those who attended and visited us at this years exhibition.

To organise a private demonstration of any Wilson Benesch product in the Germany, you can contact our exclusive importer IBEX Audio.

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