Geometry Series P1 Collection Tour Poster showing A.C.T. One Evolution P1 Loudspeaker finished in Ettore Blue Hypetex Coloured Carbon Fibre

It is that time of year again, we’ve shaken off the sedentary pace set for the holidays, collected a CES Innovation Award via Las Vegas and now safely back in our headquarters in Sheffield, England, we are thrilled to announce our plans for the main UK audio show of the year, the ‘Sound & Vision’ Bristol Show.

The 2017 ‘Sound & Vision’ will mark the 30th Edition of the show, an incredible legacy and one that, as a exhibiting partner, Wilson Benesch have been a part of since the early 1990s. In 2003, Wilson Benesch took over from TAG McLaren Audio in the Conservatory. Since then a tradition has emerged for partnering some of the most exotic and impressive audio imports we have found from across the globe, with Wilson Benesch products designed and built just a short journey North of the exhibition space, in Sheffield. So what do we have in store for the 30th Edition of ‘Sound & Vision’?

Geometry Series // P1 Collection
Geometry Series P1 Collection Tour Poster showing A.C.T. One Evolution P1 Loudspeaker finished in Ettore Blue Hypetex Coloured Carbon Fibre

Since the launch of the P1 Collection at the Munich HIGH END in May 2016, the patented coloured carbon fibre loudspeaker range has transformed the company’s ‘Geometry Series’ reference loudspeaker line. Developed by Formula 1 Engineers at British company Hypetex, the coloured carbon fibre material is the first of its kind in the world. What was once, in the words of Henry Ford available in “any colour as long as it’s black” is now available in four stunning coloured carbon fibre finishes. Taking inspiration from the racing heritage of Hypetex, who’s operation is based out of Silverstone Technology Park by the home of Formula 1, the names ascribed to the finishes evoke the sense of speed and the heritage of racing; ‘Enzo’ Red after Enzo Ferrari, ‘Ettore’ Blue after Ettore Bugatti, ‘Silverstone’ Silver after the home of British Grand Prix and ‘Champagne’ Gold after the luxurious drink traditionally used to celebrate victory across motorsport.

So following appearances across the globe in, Munich, Hong Kong, Taipei, Eindhoven, Tokyo, Bonn, Denver, Lyon, Warsaw and Hanoi through 2016, the CES International last weekend and next month it will arrive in Bristol for the ‘Sound & Vision’ in Wilson Benesch’s ‘Glass House’ Conservatory. This will be the final leg of what has been a hugely successful product launch for Wilson Benesch, our thanks to all those partners who have shared our vision and shared the P1 Collection around the globe.

A.C.T. One Evolution P1 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

A design born from impeccable heritage, evolved through a process of iterative design. This year the A.C.T. One Evolution P1 will arrive with a CES Innovation Award as an acknowledgment of this impressive heritage and design. But its P1 coloured carbon fibre chassis and matching honeycomb grill will be what draws the eyes of the crowd this year.

Trying to describe the sound of this speaker with typical audiophile parameters is of no real use because of the almost 1:1 sense of scale and rich live experience. Everything is there and everything is in perfect balance. Just like it needs to be, but is seldom experienced with hifi.

Werner Ero, Music Emotion, 2016

The A.C.T. One Evolution features cutting edge Geometry Series drive technology, with the Troika System, first developed for the Cardinal flagship, reappearing in the latest floorstander in the series. The Troika sees an upper midrange and a lower midrange/bass drive unit deployed either side of the Semisphere Tweeter. The drive units served have a stripped back crossover, reducing all components in the signal path to a minimum, with their output dictated by the optimised specification to which Wilson Benesch have built that drive unit. The combination of topology, highly refined build and proximity of all drive units results in something quite spectacular, with the A.C.T. One Evolution delivering a wide open, expansive and natural soundstage. The dynamic kick in the bass register is generated by the dedicated bass drive unit which has a capacious internal air volume to energise the driver.

Discovery II P1 Stand Mount Loudspeaker
Wilson Benesch - Discovery II - Standmount - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre Composite - Bristol - Sound & Vision - 2016

Standing alongside its Geometry Series stable mate, the Discovery II P1 will create an impressive display.

Constructed from the latest A.C.T. P1 Monocoque and precision CNC-machined alloy. The Discovery II features Geometry Series drive unit technology, deployed in a unique, compact topology. The innovative clamshell Isobaric Drive System sits underside of the enclosure with a tweeter and dedicated midrange unit sitting directly above. The combination of Isobaric Drive and the proximity of all drive units, allows the Discovery II to deliver a sound like no other loudspeaker. The soundstage is fundamentally right; integrated with ease, punchy and dynamic in the delivery of the bass register and rich and detailed across the midrange to the high frequencies which float effortlessly from the crown jewel of the Geometry Series, the Semisphere Silk-Carbon Hybrid Dome Technology Tweeter.

CH Precision A1 Power Amp, C1 DAC/Controller, L1 Preamplifier
Wilson Benesch - CH Precision - P1 Phono Stage - Bristol - Sound & Vision - 2016

As the exclusive UK importer, Wilson Benesch return to Bristol with the industry leading ultra high-end products from Swiss designers CH Precision. Joining the incredible A1 Power Amplifier which picked up an ‘Excellence Rating’ from Martin Colloms in the Oct-Dec 2016 (Vol.4, No. 10) issue of HIFI Critic, will be the equally incredible C1 DA Controller and making its UK exhibition debut will be the L1 Preamplifier.

The L1 Preamplifier will take over where the C1 left off last year, bringing into this years system a dedicated pre-amplification stage, with the C1 taking care purely of the Digital-Analogue conversion during digital replay. As with its stable mates, the character of the L1 is smooth, but delivers incredible lifelike timbre, dynamics and speed. Taking ‘Product of the Year’ in Absolute Sound, the fully balanced line-level preamplifier is in the words of Absolute Sound “contender for the Best in Solid-State”.

DS Audio Master 1 Optical Cartridge
Wilson Benesch - DS Audio - Master 1 - Optical Cartridge - Bristol - Sound & Vision - 2017

Last year, Wilson Benesch used DS Audio’s revolutionary DS-W1 optical Cartridge for the first time, a design that is based around a pure analogue contact system employing a conventional stylus and cantilever, but replacing the traditional electromagnetic coil and magnet system with an LED to detect the vibration in the stylus caused by the grooves in the record. Last February, the high end audio world was alight with enthusiasm for this incredible new technology and one year on this enthusiasm continues unabated as DS Audio unveiled the Master 1 Optical Cartridge at Axpona in April. In 2017, Wilson Benesch will partner the all new DS Audio Master 1 with the Nanotube One Tonearm to create an incredible presentation of analogue might that will whet the appetite of ‘Sound & Vision’ guests. The new Master 1 uses a sapphire as opposed to boron cantilever and a Microridge rather than Shibata tip, with a more more conventional suspension, complete with tie-back which drops the compliance dramatically. As Michael Fremer reported from Axpona 2016:

The sound produced by this new cartridge is in an altogether different league than what I heard in the produce I reviewed… This is a very exciting development in this product!

Clearer Audio Cables
Wilson Benesch - Clearer Audio - Bristol - Sound & Vision - 2016

For more than a decade now, Clearer Audio and Wilson Benesch have partnered to great effect – two British companies coming together for a celebration of high end audio at the country’s premier HiFi Show. This year, Clearer Audio will provide the vital link between each world class component in the chain, using its industry leading Silver-Line Optimus Reference interconnects, speaker cables, power cables and power distribution HUBs.

The Silver-line Optimus Reference Interconnect recently received an exceptional review from world renowned Hi-Fi+ magazine with Alan Sircom (Editor), one of the UK’s most respected hi-fi reviewers, stating,

it is good enough that it makes you think you upgraded source, amp, and speakers” and that it “is one of the best audio cables out there, regardless of cost

Alan Sircom, HIFI+

Clearer Audio cables offer unrivalled world class performance, which are meticulously hand-built in-house. Company Director, Darren Smith will be on hand during the show and would be delighted to answer any cable questions or queries that visitors might have and offer advice in areas of cable selection, upgrades and system optimisation to name a few.

Full System Setup Details
System ONE,
A.C.T. One Evolution P1 Floor Standing Loudspeaker
CH Precision A1 Power Amplifier
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Speaker Cables
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Interconnects
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Power Cables

System TWO,
Discovery II P1 Stand Mounted Loudspeaker
CH Precision A1 Power Amplifier
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Speaker Cables
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Interconnects
Clearer Audio Silver Line Optimus Reference Power Cables

Shared Components
Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable
Wilson Benesch Nanotube One Tonearm
DS Audio Master 1 Optical Cartridge
DS Audio Master 1 Optimizer
CH Precision C1 DA Controller
Ch Precision L1 Preamplifier

As normal, you can stay up to date with the P1 Collection Tour and any new dates as they are added via our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Or for more images of the P1 Collection and other Wilson Benesch products in production, see our Instagram feed.

Round 10: ‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show 2017, Bristol, UK
Date: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th February 2017
Location: Marriott City Centre Hotel, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD, UK

For more information please see the ‘Sound & Vision’ Bristol Show website.

The P1 Collection: A Revolution in Carbon Fibre
A.C.T. One Evolution P1 - Coloured Carbon Fibre - Floorstanding Loudspeaker - Ettore Blue Finish - CES 2017 - Innovation Award Honouree