Werner Ero - A.C.T. One Evolution - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - British - Engineering - Innovation - Music Emotion - CH Precision - A1 - C1 - D1

Following the release of the first part of Werner Ero’s Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One Evolution – CH Precision A1, C1, D1 review yesterday, we are thrilled to share the second part of this review. In this second part, Werner explores the backgrounds of the two companies and the products that form the review system.

Reading Werner’s interview in full you can learn about the development of the A.C.T. One Evolution, including the use of materials in the design, its drive technology and topology, the developments taking place at Wilson Benesch for the future and also our comments on collaborating with one of the most exciting and innovative electronics design teams in High End Audio, CH Precision.

Technological quality is never a coincidence and both CH Precision and Wilson Benesch are capable of gaining my utmost respect with these beautiful next generation products.

Werner Ero, Wilson Benesch – CH Precision Review, Music Emotion, 2016

We would like to extend our gratitude to Werner Ero for his excellent and comprehensive report on Wilson Benesch and CH Precision. We would also like to make a personal thank you to our Dutch import partners Audio Ingang for arranging the review and providing the excellent English translation.

The full unedited PDF of Werner Ero’s Review is here.

The full English translation PDF of Werner Ero’s Review is here. Courtesy of Germt van der Zel of Audio Ingang.

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