A.C.T. One Evolution - Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre - British - Engineering - Innovation - HIFI- Audio - Art - Review - TaiwanAs we now approach 6-months since the launch of the new A.C.T. One Evolution, we can reflect on a wonderfully successful introduction of the new loudspeaker. First being seen in September at the Tokyo International Audio Show and the X-Fi Audioshow in Holland the same weekend, followed by appearances in Italy, France, Poland, Belgium, before the official launch with full technological introduction in Germany at Die Steiner Box in November.

Since then, the A.C.T. One Evolution received glowing praise from one of the UKs leading and highly respected reviewers, Alan Sircom, who commented:

“I don’t want to get carried away by the bass. There is a lot more to this loudspeaker than bottom end. It’s just that the loudspeaker does bass so well, and so deep; that unbraced cabinet makes it TARDIS like and far bigger on the inside than you’d expect and that means more cabinet volume and that means more bass – but the level of control the A.C.T. One Evolution has over that bass is insane.”

A.C.T. One Evolution review, taken from HiFi+ Issue 130.

And just last month, Wilson Benesch unveiled the A.C.T. One Evolution to the British public for its very first British HiFi Show at ‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show. Here the feedback has been phenomenal and once again we would like to thank all those who attended.

Now in March, we receive some news from our long term import partner in Taiwan of another exceptional review of the A.C.T. One Evolution with leading audio journal, Audio Art. Whilst we cannot reproduce a full translation of the review, we have had the closing conclusion of the review loosely translated (no mean feat given the technical nature of the product and the industry) which we have shared below. At this point a disclaimer is worthwhile, this is by no means an exact translation. For those who can read the original review, you will find the full unedited PDF linked below and on our reviews page.

Conclusion translation:

“Are there other loudspeakers with similar technology to the A.C.T. cabinet? No.
Other loudspeakers using similar drive technology to the Tactic II? No.
Other loudspeakers using drive unit topology and crossover design similar to the Troika System? Certainly not.
Founded more than 25-years ago, Wilson Benesch are at the forefront of loudspeaker technology. Even if Wilson Benesch were to full disclose the technology used in their products, other manufacturers would find it difficult to imitate. The key point, Wilson Benesch are using a variety of advanced science and technology, to create perfectly integrated bass and eliminate distortion.
What is left is a presentation to our ears that is so natural, real, warm, organic, rather than rational, cold and inorganic.
The A.C.T. One Evolution demonstrates that integration is the foundation of everything. After listening to the A.C.T. One Evolution, I have found a sound that is closer to the truth.”

For the full unedited PDF of the Audio Art Review please follow this link:
Audio Art – A.C.T. One Evolution Review – Issue 330.

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