Alan Sircom 'highly recommends' Wilson Benesch's new Square Five, 2014

Hot off the press, Wilson Benesch can today share with you the latest Vector Loudspeaker review as Mark Gusew of StereoNET weighs in with an impressive review of the floorstanding loudspeaker. Whilst having a relatively compact form factor, the Vector loudspeaker is building a firm following of discerning audiophiles that seek a big sound and stunning performance without an imposing footprint. None of these qualities escaped Mark, as he comments:

“Days of Wine And Roses” by the Oscar Peterson Trio was so engaging, you are almost commanded to stop and listen. The soundstage that the Vectors portray is huge, yet the spatial information retrieval is incredible, with pin point accuracy for each of the instruments.

Mark really gets to grips with the Vector and appreciates the virtues of the design and the philosophy from which it has been born. Wilson Benesch has consistently favoured small drive unit design and reinvested significant sums in the development of the Tactic II drive unit and the Semisphere Tweeter to create seamless integration across the audio band. The timbre of the instruments and voice, and spatial relationship and timing within the music are crucially important and in this respect all Wilson Benesch loudspeakers excel.

Strictly speaking the Vectors are reasonably small speakers and do not have large cone area. But what they get absolutely right is all the detail… and all of the natural harmonics and reverb tails. They are able to separate each and every instrument, especially those that sound similar or that tend to bleed into each other. When a speaker gets this wrong, it masks the instrument’s true sound and personality. Better than I have heard before on this track, the Vectors separate everything and just do their thing without coloration or compression. The lack of box coloration is obvious and everything sounds clearer and more musical as a result.

We could go on, but if you have read this far, really we should let Mark do the talking. The Vector has been shortlisted for the StereoNET Loudspeaker of the Year 2015, head over to StereoNET via the link below to read the rest of the review.

Vector Loudspeaker Review, Mark Gusew, Stereonet Australia

Wilson Benesch would like to thank StereoNET and Mark for the excellent review. And finally a special word of thanks to our distribution partner Absolute High End.