Wilson Benesch - Endeavour Loudspeaker - Carbon Fibre Loudspeaker - Audiobeat - ReviewThe Endeavour loudspeaker is the company’s latest loudspeaker design. Dovetailing directly from the company’s flagship loudspeaker, the Endeavour offers the discerning customer all the luxurious refinement and performance of the Cardinal, in a State-of-the-Art standmount monitor design.

The Endeavour is unquestionably a unique and innovative approach to loudspeaker cabinet design. It breaks new ground, not only in terms of material content, but in terms of its execution and therefore categorisation.

As 6moons.com writer Srajan Ebaen points out, in his industry feature entitled, ‘Super Monitors’, penned following his visit to the Munich High End last year,

if you want to play at the edge of the art, there is one speaker type which does make sense: the super monitor. This describes a hi-tech compact stand-mounted design which combines ultra-performance drivers, exceptional attention to resonance control, advanced cabinet design and proper crossover execution with quality parts to deliver usable bandwidth of 40Hz-30kHz with peak SPL that make sense in a domestic living room.

Today we are thrilled to share the World Exclusive Review of the Endeavour, brought to you by the Audiobeat.

The Endeavour is a speaker that challenges assumptions and challenges the status quo. It’s different in its approach, its materials and the way it presents the musical performance. It turns accepted notions of the established audio swings and roundabouts on their head, surprising and delighting in equal measure. But most of all it succeeds in achieving that quality shared by all really great loudspeakers – the ability to put the music first.

Roy Gregory, The Audiobeat, February 2015

You can read the full unedited review of the Endeavour Loudspeaker here on the Audiobeat website. We highly recommend viewing the review via the Audiobeat website to make use of the video illustrations prepared for the review.


You can also download the full PDF of the review, minus illustrations here.