Wilson Benesch - Bristol Sound & Vision Show 2015 - Circle 25 Turntable - Analogue Collection

In 2015 Wilson Benesch return for the 28th Edition of ‘Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show’
Following last years celebration of 25-Years at the sharp end of High End Audio, Wilson Benesch will be returning in for the 2015 edition of ‘Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show’.

Widely regarded as the premier British High End Audio show and a firm favourite for all at the company, Wilson Benesch tend to do something a little special every year. Last year we chose the event for the first public appearance of the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and A.C.T. 25 Anniversary Tonearm.

So what will 2015 hold in store?
In May 2014 Wilson Benesch launched one of its most ambitious products to date. The Endeavour Loudspeaker, a sophisticated, highly refined and luxurious standmount which went on to make waves in Germany and around the globe. Named in honour of Captain Cook’s HMS Bark Endeavour and a commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the vessels launch from the Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby. The Endeavour will form part of the exhibition at the Bristol Sound & Vision 2015.

Building upon the 2014 launch, the Circle 25 Anniversary Turntable and A.C.T. 25 Tonearm will make another appearance. With the BPI recently announcing that vinyl sales up to the close of 2014 have been the strongest since 1996, Wilson Benesch hotly anticipate the air of excitement and enthusiasm that will inevitably surround the medium and its replay at the Sound & Vision Show. Long term supporters of analogue replay, Wilson Benesch continue to develop a number of accessories for the Circle 25, some of which might just get a premier at the Sound & Vision.

We will update this preview again early next year.

See you all in the New Year!

Wilson Benesch Ltd.