Dominique Mafrand awards Wilson Benesch Square Five loudspeaker 'Reference'

Square Five hits a Hat-Trick in 2014 with Haute Fidelite
Following in the trail blazed by Roy Gregory and Alan Sircom, Dominique Mafrand of French audio journal Haute Fidelite has just penned another stunning review of the Square Five, awarding the loudspeaker ‘Reference’ in the process.

The Wilson Benesch Square Five speakers fall into a group of the best speakers we’ve tested to date.

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite, April 2014

In what amounts to the third stunning review in the first half of 2014, and now with a ‘Reference’ award to boot, there is no doubt that the Square Five has been received very well by press around the globe. Mafrand goes on reaffirm the sentiment of Gregory and Sircom by stating,

Under its elegant wood exterior… is a genuine festival of technology… On this day, in this product category, the performance of the Square Five sits with speakers that are twice the price…

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidelite, April 2014

The Square Five will be on live demonstration at the Munich High End 2014 in a collaborative exhibition with MiZiK and their newly released and highly regarded MiZiK All-Source Analogue and Digital Control Solution.

The exhibition will take place at the MOC Messe in Room E117 Atrium 4 – details of the event will be announced in full tomorrow – May 1st.

You can read the full unedited French review of the Square Five here.
Or the English translation here.