Wilson Benesch Square Five receives strong UK review in 2014

With 2014 just 10-days old, Wilson Benesch are delighted to be able to share with you the first product review of the year, in the shape of the new Square Series II flagship, the Square Five. The review is a tour de force and firmly stamps the authority of Wilson Benesch’s new design path, which has been led by the extensive research and development completed in the Cardinal project.

if the Square Five were developed from scratch, I hate to think how much it would have cost. But because it can piggyback on the development costs already invested in the Cardinal, the result is, in technological and material terms, really quite incredible. A true example of trickle-down technology, it’s way beyond a bargain; by any normal measure this is an absolute steal

Roy Gregory, The Audiobeat, January 2014

The Troika System seen in the Series II, Square Five loudspeaker

The Square Five is a four-way system acoustically, but presents itself electrically at the amplifier as a two-way system; a trick made possible by the complete autonomy and control the Wilson Benesch design team has over every element in loudspeaker design. Precisely it is the highly optimised and totally bespoke multi roll Tactic Drive Unit that allows Wilson Benesch to carefully tailor the Square Five so that subtractive crossover filters on three of the driver interfaces are entirely absent. Instead Wilson Benesch rolls off each driver mechanically with absolute precision.

the ability to shape each driver’s response with such precision, to fit it so precisely to purpose, that makes the Square Five possible. The result is not just tonally even and dynamically coherent; absent the discontinuities in harmonic color and musical energy that mar so many loudspeakers, the Square Fives achieve a level of musical expression and communication that belies their price… it brings a sophistication, nuance and substance to the musical event that make for both instant engagement and long-term satisfaction

Roy Gregory, The Audiobeat, January 2014

The Square Five was launched in August 2013 at the luxurious London Smart APP-artment, Cornflake. It will make its UK Exhibition debut at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show on 21st February 2014.

You can read the full unedited review of the Square Five here.

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