Wilson Benesch win substantial Technology Strategy Board SMART Funding

The ‘step change’ in performance witnessed in the Cardinal was due entirely to decades of consistent re-investment in ambitious Research & Development programs that have always focused on the fundamentals. This commitment to innovation has been further supported by consistent ground level investment in our manufacturing suite and intellectual property.

With these unique strengths we have put in place the building blocks that enable a step change. The cabinet architecture, the Tactic Drive Unit technology, Isobaric systems, the Torus, the Semisphere each and every building block provides the grammar and syntax of a unique language that delivers distinctively different beautifully designed and quintessentially British designs.

As 2013 drew to a close, many will recall it as yet another year of instability and uncertainty in markets across the globe and yet the seeds of economic recovery appear to be rooting and from it there are signs of growth across the UK, Europe and USA. With the UK Manufacturing sector tipped to outgrow Europe and exceed the overall growth of the UK economy in 2014, Wilson Benesch are delighted to announce that the company has applied for and won further government ‘SMART’ funding to enable its high risk R&D program to continue.

Driving Innovation, a Technology Strategy Board Initiative

In winning SMART Funding in 2014, Wilson Benesch add a fourth such SMART project to the rich history of highly innovative projects led by the company, such as the Bishop project. A remarkable feat in itself, but one that proves without reservation, the unique position attained by the Wilson Benesch and it’s ability to satisfy the strict criteria for grant funding to be awarded.

With Four patents already in place and a further eight in progress, the TSB SMART funding is valued at approximately a quarter of a million pounds that is in part supported by the Technology Strategy Board and in part by Wilson Benesch.

Expansion: The Advanced Manufacturing Park
The new Research & Development Facility will allow Wilson Benesch to accelerate its product development and SMART Funded Research program

The huge success of Wilson Benesch’s many pioneering R&D programs has always been built upon collaboration with the greatest minds and organisation’s across the globe. In October 2013 Wilson Benesch opened a new R&D / Demonstration Facility on the UKs largest advanced manufacturing park, the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

From the Wilson Benesch window the logos of Rolls Royce and Boeing Aerospace The Nuclear Research facility and the Technology Transfer Centre and many more reside next to a broad range of the most pioneering high tech company’s in the world. A purpose built AMRC Training Centre opened on the 23rd January 2014. The new intake of 150 Engineering apprentices starts this January and will ensure a rich vein of quality trained people for the region and the UK as a whole. This will further bolster the already massive investments made by Sheffield’s two leading education institutions, the Sheffield University and the Sheffield Hallam University.

Having completed large parts of the Cardinal loudspeaker and Geometry Series developments with the Universities, the new Wilson Benesch Research Facility will provide a vital base from which these key partners can work collaboratively on the new technologies born from the SMART Project.

In 2014 Wilson Benesch celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary and begins what promises to be a rich period in the companies history. We look forward to sharing it with you. The Future is Carbon.

The new Research & Development Facility will allow Wilson Benesch to accelerate its loudspeaker and analogue replay system product development and SMART Funded Research program

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon