The Wilson Benesch Discovery Loudspeaker - Isobaric - Isotactic Drive Unit

Leading Czech publication Audiodrom have updated their all time loudspeaker and component rankings for the close of 2013.

In the standmount category the Wilson Benesch Discovery ranked 1st, with an overall score of 85%.

The Discovery was designed and manufactured in 2001. Named after the HMS Discovery, the design incorporated the newly developed Tactic Drive Unit. First seen in the Bishop in 1999, the original Tactic Drive Unit was the fruit of a £125,000 company matched DTi SMART Grant.

The new standmount was then, and by the estimation of Audiodrom, remains today a class leading design. Featuring the Isobaric clamshell arrangement, again pioneered by the Bishop loudspeaker, the Discovery is characterised by incredibly tight and dynamic bass reproduction. And of course the Carbon Fibre monocoque now synonymous with Wilson Benesch makes the Discovery a very attractive, classic design, brimming with highly innovative technologies.

Excerpt from the Audiodrom website, in full here:
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Wilson Benesch Discovery - 1st place - standmount rankings

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