Wilson Benesch - Square Two - Square Series II - Haute Fidelite - Review

The Square Series II once again takes the plaudits from our neighbours in France, as the Square Two loudspeaker receives an excellent review in Haute Fidelite. Following his strong Square One review last year, Patrice Philippe now returns with a Square Two Tour de Force, commenting:

Perfectly manufactured, beautifully designed, integrating very high quality transducers, the Wilson Benesch Square Two speakers suit perfectly any home interior. They deliver a musical message with a surprisingly extended bass presentation and have the ability to be adapted to the tastes of the listener by simply altering their position…

Patrice Philippe, Haute Fidelite, France, 2013

Wilson Benesch Square Two, Series II, Audiophile, Manufacturing, Carbon Fiber, HIFI

The Square Series II was re-launched in 2012. Based on the highly successful original series, the Square Series II has been revamped with a raft of trickle down technologies, along with the addition of two new speakers to the range in the Square Three and more recently the Square Five.

The new Square Two includes the Tactic Drive Unit, along with carbon fibre ribs and visco-elastically bonded energy absorption pads of varied mass. The design modifications across the series were made with a clearly defined goal: to increase the bass performance of the Square Series II and improve the performance of the speaker when in free space, away from rear walls that have been traditionally used to reinforce bass performance. As ever Wilson Benesch made a clear statement about it’s design philosophy: the signal to noise ratio of the cabinet must remain as low as possible. The answer was the addition of the carbon fibre ribs and energy absorption pads to counter these problems.

With the Square Series II and the Square Two, the English brand achieves the feat of producing a large sound from a small cabinet volume.

Patrice Philippe, Haute Fidelite, France, 2013

We would like to thank our French distribution partners JFF Diffusion, Patrice Philippe and everyone at Haute Fidelite for the excellent review.

You can download the translated English version here: Haute Fidelite, Square Two, Series II Review (English).

For further information about the Square Two, Series II you can view the product page.