Wilson Benesch - Cardinal Loudspeaker - Geometry Series - theaudiobeat.com - Roy Gregory - Manufacturing - Carbon Fiber - Advanced - Composite
In the third review of the Cardinal in as many months, Wilson Benesch are delighted to share ‘theaudiobeat.com’ review. For those looking for the first truly comprehensive overhaul of the Cardinal’s extensive engineering complexities, look no further, Roy Gregory’s 17-page review is almost biblical in length and the message is very clear,

“This is not just an impressive product, it is a loudspeaker that confronts the cost/ content/performance question head on and delivers an emphatic response. In an industry and at a time when products just seem to get more and more expensive and those price tags are harder and harder to justify, the Cardinal is quietly saying, “We can do better.” This is an industry that needs to listen to that message”.

Wilson Benesch - Cardinal - High End Audio - Strong Carbon Fibre - Loudspeaker - Advanced CompositesAs a family business, with a unique portfolio of hand-built product, Wilson Benesch always encourage reviewers to visit our facilities in Sheffield. We genuinely believe that our approach to building HIFI products is different from our competition and to understand this, you have to see it. Designing and Manufacturing almost every part that makes a Wilson Benesch product is a long and arduous process, made possible by the highly trained team that inject passion and pride into the companies output, creating something very special. At this point, perhaps I’ll let Roy take over,

“If I had to sum up the Wilson Benesch Cardinal in a single word, that word would be integrity: the integrity of the people and company behind it; the integrity of the thinking that underpins the design, the manufacturing processes and materials that produce it; but most important of all, the integrity of the musical performances that it in turn produces.”

The full unedited Audiobeat review can be downloaded here.