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Following the excellent Square Three review by Max Delissen earlier this month, we now have the second review in his series this time on the Vector Loudspeaker. Max spent the day listening to both speakers in the comfort of the our Dutch distributors, ‘art’s Excellence’ demonstration room.

Wilson Benesch - Square Three Loudspeaker - Square Series 2 - art's Excellence - Max Delissen - Manufacturing

It quickly becomes clear that the Wilson Benesch Vector not only possesses an absolute sense of musicality, but it also goes a very long way when it comes to speed, neutrality and dynamics. Because small details are reproduced better than on the Square Three, there is also an even more generous spatial image. The Square Three projects the musical image in a large circle in front and behind itself, with a fair bit of projection ‘outside the loudspeakers’. The Vector does not only make that circle a lot bigger, it really does justice to its name by adding quite a lot of height as well – Max Delissen, Independent Reviewer, 2012

Wilson Benesch - Vector Loudspeaker - Geometry Series - HIFI Plus - Alan Sircom - Manufacturing - Carbon Fiber - Audiophile

Max’s findings reflect the sonic benefits that come from the use of advanced materials and drive unit technologies that are employed in the Vector. Unlike the Square Three, the Vector’s cabinet is built from a carbon composite – aluminium monocoque with an optimised geometric form to reduce internal standing waves. These factors give the Vector significant advantages in terms of its’ signal to noise ratio and this goes some way to explain the musicality and neutrality that Max describes. Whilst the Square Series II includes the original Tactic drive unit, the Geometry Series features thenew Tactic-II drive unit which has been refined and redeveloped to improve sensitivity and power handling. The major addition to the Geometry Series is the all new Wilson Benesch Semisphere Tweeter which is the result of almost a decade of R&D. Max’s findings rightly reflect the increaseddynamics, higher resolution and improved imaging that one should expect from a product that is almost twice the price of the Square Three. It follows that both the Square Three and the Vector are excellent products with a justifiably different performance.

I have developed a great admiration for the very consistent sound ‘signature’ that was created by Wilson Benesch’ engineers. Qualities you get at the entry-level are also present in the more expensive models, albeit in larger quantities. The most important thing I have noticed is that you can be sure that a new Wilson Benesch loudspeaker will always sound like a Wilson Benesch. So even when you enter at a lower level, you can always improve without losing that cherished musicality – Max Delissen, Independent Reviewer, 2012

We would like to thank Max Delissen and our Dutch distribution partners art’s Excellence for the excellent reviews. The full unedited PDF of the Vector review can be download here.

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