Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C.60 Limited EditionThe New Wilson Benesch Square Series 2 continues to receive excellent press and feedback globally as the Square 3 receives an excellent review from Dutch Journalist Max Delissen.

The new Square Series 2 has seen a whole scale upgrade and re-work from the old series which sees an improvement in the all round performance of the speaker, with special attention paid to the 2-channel performance of the Square Series 2. Originally designed around the concept that the average British living room requires wall placement of the loudspeaker, the original Square Series was a massive hit for home cinema enthusiasts and 2-channel purveyors with space limitations. However with improved drive technology and some innovative cabinet construction methods, which include internal Carbon Fibre ribs, allowed Wilson Benesch to improve the overall output of the new Square Series 2, with added bass output, whilst maintaining all the characteristics of the Wilson Benesch sound: incredibly tight bass, breath taking dynamics and incredibly clarity of sound. The result: a true High End range, capable of performing in even the largest rooms without wall placement.

As Max found, the Square 3, with it’s mid and bass Tactic Drive Units is a true thoroughbred and sits at the top of the new Square Series 2 as the best all round performer.

it didn’t take long to hear that the Square Three beats the smaller sibling on all parameters. The ‘family sound’ is obvious (speed, dynamics, neutrality, absence of distortion) and on top of that the Square Three has richer mids that provide better intelligibility of voices. And because of the extra driver it has a lot more punch in the lower frequency range.

Max Delissen, November 2012

As Max found, the Square 3 offers users a new level of High End 2-channel performance.

The Square Three is very good in building three-dimensional pictures in a semi-circle in front of the loudspeakers. And the musical image stretches backwards quite far and with great ease when there is musical information in the depth of the soundfield

Max Delissen, November 2012

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The Square 3 retails in the UK for £4,450.
Available in 12 Wilson Benesch finishes.