Full Circle Turntable

Wilson Benesch Full Circle Turntable

Wilson Benesch Full Circle Turntable Glass GlyphThe Full Circle is a tribute to the medium of vinyl and it’s unique position in the music lover’s life. It has re-defined the way that analogue will evolve in the next century and eloquently re-affirms the long term viability of the format. The solution is comprised of three State of the art components, the Circle turntable, A.C.T. 0.5 tonearm and Ply moving coil carbon fibre bodied cartridge.

It is undeniable that we listen to an analog source of quality, we find a unique and flexible lagato between each note commonly found on a very good deck; the full circle is able to reproduce it all with distinction.

Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidélité, 2012

With a set up time of less than one hour, the complete product requires no “tuning” and will remain stable and reliable indefinitely.

Wilson Benesch is the world’s foremost authority on the use and function of advanced composite structures when applied in audio systems. Over ten years of research and development lie behind this imaginative and unique product.

The undisputed master of this price point is a thirteen year old classic that once again has shown the competition the door. A future classic, and ‘The LP 12 of our time’ to put it into context. If you are looking for a really serious turntable, I know of no better in this price range or a few steps above. Highly recommended.

Trond Torgnesskar, Full Circle System Review, Fidelity Magazine, Norway

As a complete solution it is a landmark product, however, the modular design framework elevates its value above and beyond the conventional.

‘Groovy Award’, The Audiophile Man, Paul Rigby (England)
‘Best Buy’, Haute Fidélité, 2012 (FRANCE)
‘PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2008′, Hi-Fi Review Magazine, 2008 (HONG KONG)
Best £1000+ turntable, What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2005 (UK)
Best For Sound Award, Stuff Magazine, 2005 (UK)
***** Review, What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2004 (UK)
Best £1000+ turntable, What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2004 (UK)
Best Buy, Hi-Fi Choice Magazine, 1999 (UK)

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