Quote from the Five Star, What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Review on the Square Two’s.

The verdict on the Square Two from What Hi-Fi is now on the street.

“They deliver one of the finest sounds ever available at this price”

A quote from the review is provided for you below.

“Keen eye for detail
When it comes to dynamics, detail resolution or agility, these are good enough to worry many a true high speaker – and yes, that includes some of Wilson Benesch’s own models. Rarely do we hear Gladiators OST sound so rousing while remaining so utterly composed. Instruments are defined superbly and its easy to follow musical strands, even when the soundtrack gets busy.
Did we mention the Square Twos are fast? Sorry, that’s an understatement. To paraphrase Lightening McQueen, the lead in Pixar’s Cars, they’re faster than fast – they are speed. We’ve only heard a handful of speakers that come close to the Square Two’s almost supernatural ability to respond to the leading edge of notes. It’s a quality that works particularly well on rhythm-driven music like Prince’s Lolita or even James Brown’s Cold Sweat.”

The review can be read by clicking on the link below to the What Hi-Fi? website.

What Hi-Fi? Square Two Review