Sinatra at the Albert Hall

Important new Collaboration Announcement.

During the last 16 years, Wilson Benesch has worked with some of the worlds leading technologists. Experts inspire and foster creativity. When people are passionate about their work, they can achieve remarkable things. Two of the numerous notable examples are mentioned briefly, just to provide a glimpse. Neil Humpston, one of the world’s leading composite engineers. Neil brought a life times knowledge to bear on the development of the A.C.T. One Tonearm. Previously he had worked on such projects as the Rolls Royce RB 211 jet engine carbon fibre turbine blades. The A.C.T. One carbon fibre arm tube remains to day, the industry standard in terms of its physical capabilities. Another, notable example, would be Professor Ian Ward. Recognised as one of the world’s most eminent Chemists. His invention was instrumental in the materials technology behind the diaphragm development work. The name ‘Tactic’ honours his contribution that led to the world’s first Isotactic polymer diaphragm. Our latest collaboration is in a completely different field, but is one that we are especially proud of. David Redfern is without question, a giant in the field of photographing musicians. He has devoted his life to this pursuit and during this time amassed what is today the world’s largest visual record of musicians. (There is a notable exception, Marlene Dietrich, who insisted that he left the hall.) Here then is a collection of Icons recorded more often than not, in the most informal way, doing what they did, or do best ; making music.

Today, we are delighted to be able to announce that our agreement with Redferns will enable us to bring to you in a variety of ways, some of these incredible images. For many reasons, the first image to be featured in a new section on the Wilson Benesch web site shows perhaps more than any other, the respect held by David for his subjects. In the Sinatra image, the relationship between the artist and the audience, is totally uncompromised by his being right in the centre of the event, testimony indeed to the man and his passion for photography and music.

Beautiful music and beautiful images of the people who make it. Watch this space for more developments on this exciting collaboration.