Wilson Benesch was featured in two of the eight suites organised by Audiovision of San Francsico at this years Home Entertainment Exhibition.

The AV room featured Naim and a full Wilson Benesch system based upon Chmera, Centre and Arc rear channels. Wilson Benesch was also partnered with Chord in a two channel presentation where Discovery’s were applied.

Stereophiles first report;

“A completely different experience musically sustaining Audio Vision, where they were featuring Naim and Wilson Benesch. We walked in on a multichannel demo of the live Diana Krall DVD.

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, but this wasn’t home theater, no matter what the source was or whether or not we wound up watching it on a plasma screen.

It was music and we were entranced by the performance and the sound (and we even dug watching the expressions on the bassist’s and guitarist’s faces as Ms. Krall played the bejezus out of her Steinway.”